August 30, 2005

Eric the Unread: Blair's ineffectual war on Islam

Eric the unread compares the war on Islam that Britain is supposed to be waging with the practice in an islamic country. No prizes for which one discriminates in reality. Part of this 'war on Islam' being the recent Panorama programme on the activities of the MCB and the their links to Islamofascism. Critism of Islamism being rare for the BBC, perhaps worried that they will end up like Theo van Gogh, this documentary received a condemnation from the MCB as being biased, and quoting out of context. It turns out that the BBC was completely accurate in it's quotes when put back into context, the BBC does have biases but they tend to expresed in ommision of stories rather than inaccuracies within them, and it was the MCB that was twisting the truth. Perhaps this 'war on Islam' is in fact just that we haven't completely rolled over and submitted to Islamism despite Islamists being a minority of Muslims who are themselves a very small minority in Britian.


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